As the snow falls and temperatures drop here in Northern Colorado, many homeowners might be tempted to hibernate indoors until spring. However, the winter season provides a unique opportunity to undertake landscape renovation projects that will add vibrancy to your outdoor spaces as you prepare them for the warmer days ahead.

In its 2018 Remodeling Impact Report, the National Association of Realtors noted that 85% of the more than 4,000 homeowners surveyed who had relandscaped their properties felt an increased sense of enjoyment and more desire to be at home than before they completed their yard upgrades. So, why wait until springtime to start investing in your aesthetic pleasure and an increase in your property value?

Here are 5 landscape renovation ideas for winter:

Hardscape Enhancements

Utilize the winter months to focus on hardscape elements such as pathways, patios, and retaining walls. The colder temperatures make it ideal for installing pavers and stonework, as the ground is firm and less likely to be disturbed. For example, you could install a curved stone pathway leading to a cozy seating area, perhaps featuring a fire pit (see #3!) surrounded by a stone retaining wall. The addition of subtle lighting, like energy-efficient LED outdoor fixtures, will create a magical ambiance against the snowy backdrop.

Cold-Weather Planning

Winter in Colorado is when your gardens and landscaping lay bare. Being exposed, your flower beds and other planting areas will reveal potential problem areas, and will allow you to determine possible upgrades, like adding a vegetable garden alongside your perennials for a more efficient use of space. Without the blooms and greenery that can hide areas in the summer, you can draw a new layout of the changes you want to include when the warmer growing season comes along. Keep in mind, while you’re looking at changes, the old plants still need water and attention. Your landscape is only dormant, not dead. Also, while you’re planning, you have an unobstructed view to let you visualize what kinds of plants you would like to add for enjoyment the next winter, like a spruce or other pine tree, or perhaps several deciduous evergreens, like boxwoods or azaleas. The Arbor Day Foundation reports that strategically planted trees can reduce heating costs by up to 30%, showcasing the energy-saving benefits of thoughtful landscaping. With a well-planned design, you’ll be a step ahead when the planting season comes around.

Fire Features

Combat the winter chill by incorporating fire features into your landscape design. Whether it’s a well-placed fire pit or an outdoor fireplace, these elements not only provide warmth but also serve as a focal point for outdoor gatherings. Imagine the joy of sipping hot cocoa with loved ones, surrounded by the crackling warmth of a fire, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere that encourages outdoor enjoyment even in the colder months.


Mulching and Soil Amendments

Take advantage of the dormant period to nourish your soil. Applying organic mulch helps regulate soil temperature and moisture, protecting plants from extreme winter conditions. Additionally, consider soil amendments to improve the overall health and fertility of your garden beds. Ask your local garden center or landscaping company about which are best for your property.

Winter Pruning

Engage in selective pruning to shape and enhance the structure of your trees and shrubs. Winter is an ideal time for this task, as it promotes healthier growth come spring and reduces the risk of disease transmission. By carefully shaping and trimming, you not only contribute to the overall health of your landscape but also elevate its visual appeal during the winter months.

By engaging in these landscape renovation projects during the Colorado winter, you can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space and set the stage for a flourishing and vibrant landscape when the snow melts. Reach out to your local landscaping renovation professionals, like the team here at Yard Elves, and start planning your cool-weather projects! Fill out our form for your landscaping quote!