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Landscaping Services

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Yard Elves Landscaping

Yard Elves is pleased to announce we are entering our 25th Year of Business.

When it comes to improving the natural beauty of your property, whether the project is big or small it should be entrusted to a professional and experienced Fort Collins landscaping company that has been in business for many years.  With headquarters in Fort Collins Colorado, Yard Elves has been helping homeowners and businesses alike to Design and Build aesthetically pleasing properties for many years.

Throughout the years Yard Elves has had the privilege of working on both Residential and Commercial Properties with our Fort Collins landscaping company. One of the greatest strengths Yard Elves and its experienced staff members bring to each customer’s property arises from the vast knowledge the
Yard Elves Team members have acquired from the diversity of projects completed overtime.

Landscaping Services

  • Residential & Commercial
  • Landscape Design – Build
  • New Landscape Installation
  • Landscape Renovations
  • Flagstone Patio & Walkways
  • Flagstone Stepper Pathways
  • Masonry Walls
  • Dry-stack Walls  
  • Block Walls 
  • Boulder Walls & Accents 
  • Timber-Work
  • Garden Box Construction 
  • Grading & Berm Work 
  • Water Features 
  • Pond-less Water Features
  • Bubbling Rocks
  • Natural Ponds 
  • So Much More…

More About Our Style

Yard Elves uses only state of the art equipment and highly trained experts in all facets of Landscape Construction Management.  Our company can tackle any Large-Scale Assignments or even the Smallest Renovation Projects at an extremely competitive price point.  If you are seeking a Fort Collins landscaping company that provides the highest level of quality products at a competitive price – you need to look no further.

Our style at Yard Elves is a bit different than working with other companies.  When you work with Yard Elves our team of landscape experts work with each property owner “one-on-one” to guarantee a client’s project is completed to the customers satisfaction.  Here at Yard Elves, we take our work professionally!

Our professional approach from concept to creation is to build a space that is both beautiful and functional on each client’s property. Our landscaping planning includes the creation of a landscaping theme, attention to the surrounding elements, a focus on main entryways, a commitment to sustainability and environmental concerns, long-term upkeep such as turf and plant life management, as well as drainage and safety factors.

Our designer employs state of the art, C.A.D. (computer aided design) on necessary projects to reduce the possibility of miss-communications relevant to landscape construction project components or to meet other forms of necessary requirements.

Additional Landscaping Services Include…

  • Demolition of Anything/Anywhere
  • Rock Delivery/Removal/Installation
  • Mulch Delivery/Removal/Installation
  • Compost Delivery and Installation 
  • Tree and Shrub Delivery, Installation, Pruning
  • Soil Preparation/Amendments
  • Grading Work 
  • Retaining Wall Installation/Repair/Removal 
  • Sod Installation & Sod Removal 
  • Hardscaping – Various Types 
  • Bobcat Work – Misc 
  • Dump Truck Hauling
  • Excavation & Hauling Dirt/Snow
  • “One of a Kind Water Features Ponds & Waterfalls”
  • “One of a Kind Flagstone Patios & Flagstone Walkways

Landscape Designs

Landscape Plan

Plant Detail Sheet


Environmentally Conscious

Yard Elves also utilizes many different water saving ideas and components in our projects so; that there is minimum waste and maximum conservation on all our finished works.  The company offers choices of sod and plants that have minimum watering requirements to keep you prepared in case any kind of drought condition prevails. Likewise, our company also offers smart choice bedding materials, mulches, smart-sprinkler controllers, and many other irrigation components that significantly lessen water consumption.

If you are planning on a new landscaping project, we here at Yard Elves would be honored to work with you to develop a plan that suits your property and budget requirements. We take great pride in our work. 

Pondless Water Feature

Detention Pond Water
Collecting Area

Xeriscape Fire
Feature Area

Ready to Get Started

If you looking to work with a team of great people who will get your project done without hassle and to your satisfaction so that you can enjoy it for years to come, just click “Get Quote” or “Call Now” One of our Friendly Customer Service Representatives will contact you and schedule a time to get you an Estimate.

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For new incoming clients requesting a “One-Time” service payment will be collected at completion of work. ¹

 ¹ If the work scope is significant in size all payment schedules will be discussed in advance to the project start date.

For clients receiving “Recurring” services, invoices will arrive monthly by email. Payments can be made with a check, or a credit card payment that are accepted via our secure Quick-Books website.  We can also set up automated, recurring payments, removing the hassle of remembering to log in to process payments.

Payments can also be made in person to a Company Representative

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