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Irrigation Services

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Yard Elves Irrigation

When it comes to protecting your landscape investment with an Automated Irrigation System look no further than Yard Elves. Our Professional Irrigation Management Team has been designing and building Residential & Commercial Sprinkler Systems in Northern Colorado now for 25 Years.

Our professional Fort Collins sprinkler system installation and repair company employs Sprinkler Technicians that are very knowledgeable and skilled in irrigation systems and system components.  On average many of our Sprinkler Technicians are approaching 8 or more years of professional field work experience.

What We Can Do For You…

  • Sprinkler Design & Installation
  • Sprinkler Repairs
  • Fix Broken Heads or Leaks
  • Controller Programming 
  • Seasonal Adjustments
  • Valve Location Service
  • Sprinkler Activation
  • Sprinkler Winterization
  • Sprinkler Blow-Outs
  • Extension of Systems
  • Reduction of Systems
  • Drip Irrigation System Work
  • Rain Sensor Installation

Throughout the year, Team Members from our Fort Collins sprinkler installation and repair company are encouraged to attend workshops and seminars related to irrigation systems staying up to date with new developing industry technologies and best practices.  It is the company’s position to maintain our position as one of the leaders in the sprinkler field of expertise; thus, Yard Elves feels it is imperative to learn what products and services are most beneficial for our clients so; we can in return share that knowledge and expertise with our customers – all the while looking out for our environment as well.


Cost Saving Expertise


Our Fort Collins sprinkler installation and repair team at Yard Elves will save you work and money – while protecting your landscape investment by customizing a well thought-out and designed irrigation system that both saves water, and which also prevents the loss of turf and plant life. Our systems are designed to be efficient and to uniformly distribute water.

Many factors are considered in our zone layouts such as soil properties, slope, plant materials water requirements, turf-typed, root zone depth, weather conditions, site conditions, supple pressure, and minimum acceptable application rates.  Also, other factors such as soil infiltration rate, slope, and design are considered when selecting nozzles and sprinkler heads to reduce the potential for runoff.

Yard Elves new sprinkler systems are fully automatic, expandable, and most can easily be setup to connect to customer’s home Wi-Fi and Smart-Phone – for ease of programming.  Rain-Sensors are always available as well!

Ready to Get Started

If you looking to work with a team of good people who will get your Irrigation-Work done in Fort Collins or Loveland without hassle and to your satisfaction so; that you can enjoy it for years to come, Just click “Get Quote” or “Call Now” one of our Friendly Customer Service Representatives will contact you and schedule a time to get you an Estimate.



For new clients requesting a “One-Time” service payment will be collected at completion of work.  ¹

 ¹ If the work scope is significant in size all payment schedules will be discussed in advance to the project start date.

For clients receiving “Recurring” services, invoices will arrive monthly by email. Payments can be made with a check, or a credit card payment that are accepted via our secure Quick-Books website.  We can also set up automated, recurring payments, removing the hassle of remembering to log in to process payments.

Payments can also be made in person to a Company Representative.

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