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Yard Elves is one of the leading and most dynamic Landscape and Maintenance organizations throughout Colorado. Headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado – Yard Elves has more than 70 years experience combined through our senior staff members.  For the past 25 Years our Fort Collins landscaping designers and lawn maintenance company has been setting the standard for quality workmanship and customer service in – outdoor landscaping and maintenance services. The company is registered and fully insured.

Yard Elves staff is well trained with years of experience and operates within the highest industry standards and skills. Our staff strives to exceed customer expectations which allows our company to Guarantee – All Our Many Services.


Yard Elves has year-round office staff to assure punctuality in scheduling, accuracy, and attention to detail.  Professional, knowledgeable, and continually courteous, our staff is always prepared to serve our customers.  Many companies in this industry do not offer year-round office staff however we at Yard Elves feel it is imperative that we provide timely services and customer satisfaction. With Yard Elves exceptional office and field staff all customer needs are answered as soon as possible.


When you work with Yard Elves our Field Supervisors’ approach to construction is from a “customer participation” point of view.  This means that the customer is involved in every aspect of their project.  In essence our supervisors are in contact with the customer daily, throughout the course of the project.  Ideally, this method provides the customer the chance to have an overall view of the process and all the steps involved.  This virtually eliminates guesswork and miscommunication.  Many companies in this industry do not offer you the chance to be involved.  We feel you need to be involved to assure that every detail of your landscape is completed to meet or exceed your expectations.


Yard Elves also has a Professional Design Division which further eliminates guesswork. With a Certified Professional Designer, the customer can sit down and watch their ideas come to life.  You can pick plants, shrubs, trees, rock, mulch, what colors, placement and virtually any other option.  All this can be presented to you in a Computer Aided Design (CAD) format. This is something, once again, many companies do not offer and that we at Yard Elves feel is a necessity.  A custom Fort Collins landscape design virtually eliminates any guess work, and you can change, add, and move items at your discretion. 

For a more detailed description of our Fort Collins landscape designing, lawn maintenance services, and specialized divisions, click on the heading at the top of this page.  Thank you for your interest in our company and we look forward to meeting you and servicing all your outdoor needs.

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