When the year 2020 began, no one could have predicted the pandemic that would materialize threatening the people of Colorado and the entire world community. It was a danger none of us have ever faced before.

As always, from the start, Yard Elves’ primary concern was the safety and well being of our valued employees and customers. We understood the severity of the pandemic and knew people everywhere were naturally afraid for themselves and their loved ones. Yard Elves pledged at the onset that we would do everything in our means to guarantee that the land-care, maintenance, and other vital landscaping services that we provide would never be an added concern to our customers.

Yard Elves accepted the challenges presented by the pandemic. During the onset of the pandemic our customer base did remain steady as people seemed pretty interested in taking on exterior home projects to make their living conditions within their yards more desirable. During 2020, Yard Elves successfully designed and constructed a variety of new landscape renovations projects, new landscape installations, water-features, flagstone patios and an assortment of other types of landscaping projects – all during one of the most challenging of seasons over the past 25 Years.

We did our very best to satisfy all our customer requests while ensuring both customer and employee safety needs. We did this by following COVID-19 Health protocols established by the Colorado Health Dept and the Governors Office.  Our employees social distanced, wore masks, and made sure all equipment was properly sanitized.

And so, with a vaccine now becoming available and a better future ahead of all of us, Yard Elves wants you to know that we will continue to work as hard as we always do to deliver the best customer experience through our quality workmanship and products for all our existing and new customers as we all move forward into a better 2021. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and we are eager to reach it with all our Northern Colorado family.



The Yard Elves Team